A look into Youth Insearch

A look into Youth Insearch

Youth Insearch is an Australian based charity foundation founded in 1985 and located in western Sydney. Youth Insearch aims to make its impact through the rehabilitation of troubled teens. The organisation focuses on rehabilitation through weekend retreats with a peer based effort for children between the ages of 12-17. 
Youth Insearch is a grass-roots early stage project that works side by side with welfare agencies, schools and police in order to identify “at-risk” youth. Youth Insearch’s mission is to reduce crime, binge drinking and prevent suicide by building self-esteem and productivity through empowering these young kids. 
The key to success is the peer to peer focus where graduates of the program return back to contribute to the development of future graduates. The weekend retreats give kids an opportunity to explore the issues under the guidance of mentors who have found solutions to their issues. 
It has been found by Youth Insearch that the majority of the problems these kids face are attributed with an underlying escapist reaction to the issues they aren’t dealing with. 
With this understanding, Youth Insearch has developed the following objectives geared toward filling the holes this kids carry with them: Enough kids have slipped through the cracks in a faulty societal foundation. Its organizations like Youth Insearch that are giving kids the building blocks to take back their lives. With exposure to mentors who have already survived the issues these kids are dealing with now or will face later on, Youth Insearch will contribute substantially in the positive.


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